Types of Slot Symbols and Their Features

Slot games are developing, keeping pace with the modern technologies. It makes slot machines be challenging and interesting games to gamble. For this reason it is no wonder that it is considered to be the most playable game at casinos. There is a wide range of slots: multipliers, multi-payline, progressive, bonus slots etc. The main characteristic feature of bonus slots is symbols that can be referred as bonuses, because they make the player be closer to the winning.

Scatter Symbol

Among numerous symbols scatters are the most favorable for players. This type of symbols can appear anywhere on the screen. It is not obligatory that scatters appear on the same line or on an active pay-line. Often it is enough 3 scatters anywhere on the screen to get one of the bonuses. As a bonus there can be an extra game, free spins or something else. The possible winning is listed on the pay table of the slot machine.

The more scatter symbols appear the more payout is. It is notable that scatters can be a multiplier and their payout multiplies the whole bet not only the line bet. It means when you play all pay-lines it will lead to higher scatter payouts. Scatter symbols can't be replaced by another type of slot symbols - wild ones.

Wild Symbol

One of the most desirable symbols is a wild slot symbol, which often pays out big cash prizes. Wild symbols have the ability to replace any other symbol on the screen in order to complete a winning combination. The only symbol that cannot be replaced is a scatter. It is a good idea to find a slot machine with the wild symbol, as it will increase your winning potential a lot.

At the same time the wild symbol can play the role of a multiplier as well. So, it can double, triple and even quadruple the prize, which a gambler gets on one spin. Some games offer multiplier up to 25 times. One more function of the wild symbol is triggering bonus game features.

Bonus Symbol

Like the Wild symbols bonus ones have the ability to trigger one of bonus games within the main game. As a bonus there can be free spins, extra cash etc. Slot games containing the bonus symbols are the most popular with the gamblers, as they are more challenging.

One tip to give is to look for video slot machines, which offer one or several of symbols listed above.