Bonus Slots Symbols

Many slots do offer different types of bonuses to gamblers with the intention of helping the players win more prizes as they play slots. However, these bonuses are given to players who are able to get certain combination of symbols that are meant for the bonuses. Slots provide two of such bonuses to gamblers. The bonuses are:

  • On the reels bonus slot games
  • Off the reel bonus slot games

The former is normally given on the reel as implied by the name. Such bonuses can be gotten through scatters symbols. With such bonuses players can win free games and multipliers. Even cash can also be won through on the reel bonus. There are particular symbols that are meant for the bonuses. The bonuses can be activated when a player spins 3 or more of these symbols but in a payline. Owing to the fact that slots differs in their symbols and games, the symbols that win these bonuses also differ from slot machines to slot machines.

Reel Bonuses

In the reel slot machines, the following are the types of on reel bonuses that are common in most slots. Free spin is one of the on reel bonuses provided by slots. This bonus may seem simply but one can win huge amount through them. Their payoff can sometimes be doubled or tripled.

Cascades bonus aids a player to generate more winning combination of icons by substituting some icons in the winning payline with some other new ones. The icons will be kept within the board.

Other on the reel bonuses are

  • Hold n' Spin
  • Wild symbols
  • Symbol slide

Off the reel games though are more complicated; they have high quality sounds, graphics and videos. The game is momentarily stopped for the player who wins it to play the game for few minutes. The following slot games can be played with bonuses:

  • Wheel of fortune/wheel of wealth
  • Pick a box
  • Multi level pick a box
  • Pick until pop/pick until collect

There are also some symbols which a player has to spin 3 or more of them in order to play the games.

Playing bonus slot games

It is not difficult to play these bonus games. There are some specific symbols through which one can activate the bonus games. The nature of these symbols depends on the type of slot that provides them. For the on the reel bonus the games will play on their own as soon as they are activated. But for off the reel bonus a new window has to opened for the games to be played

There are a lot of funs derived in playing these games and they are also very simply to be played.