The Map of Slot World

The world saw the first slot machine in 1895, when Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell. Since then the machines have witnessed little evolution. The main difference between the pioneer and modern slot machines is that earlier slots had 3 spinning reels with symbols and now there are 5 drums in most machines. The range of symbols was limited to spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds, Liberty Bell and fruits. The earlier slots had a single pay-line, but today most machines offer up to 25 pay-lines.


Modern slot machines are similar outwardly but have different options and functions. The denomination is thing that makes slots diverse, as there are slots, which accept a nickel, a quarter, a dollar or several dollars. It is very important for the gamer to decide what denomination to play, so it would be suitable for his pocket. The odds don't depend on the denomination: there are winners of the nickel machines as well as dollar one.

Knowing the Rules

Some machines have the option "double or nothing", which offers the player to double his winning or lose it. There are many types of slots that provide the gamers with the variety of options. The bullet point of winning the slots as well as any other game is to understand how the machine works and to play wisely.

Slot machines are the games of pure chance. The core part of their mechanism is a RNG or Random Number Generator, which is programmed at the factory to produce the combinations of symbols randomly.

Payout Percentage

One of the most asked questions is the payout percentage. The payback percentage is determined at the factory and can't be influenced by either a casino or a player. However, you can increase your winning, using playing strategies.

The Golden Rule

The one thing you should always remember is slot machines are not to pay and you can play the same machine for a long time and live with nothing or insert a coin and hit a jackpot, as it frequently happens. The higher payout percentage implies the higher denomination. It is advisable not to chase the winning and get pleasure from the favorite game as long as possible.

Playing Slots is Legal

One more issue that concerns the players is if the gambling online is legalized and safe. The answer is affirmative. The gambling online is legal and has more benefits in comparison with land-based casinos. If you play with trust worthy software provider there is nothing to worry about, as all of them ensure the security of your money and confidentiality.