Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbol is a special type of symbol in slot games. It is called scatter symbol because the symbol must not be on particular payline before a player can profit from it. In some games a scatter can give a player a great pay while there are some games that require two or more scatter symbols for a player to benefit from it.

One distinguishing feature of scatters symbols is that they have no specific arrangement. That is to say that they are wild as they do not need to be arranged on the usual paylines in order to be won.


Besides being wild scatter symbols are known for their role as multipliers. If they symbols indicates 2x for example, it means that your winning has to be multiplied by 2. If you win $10 on the spin it has to be multiplied by two making it to be $20.

Another feature of scatter symbols is that they can grow rapidly in magnitude. In other words they can be used exponentially in some cases. If a player has 2 2x it means that the earning have to be redoubled. 2x will give 4x. If the scatters symbols read two 3x then it will be 3x3x and that will give 9x. However, scatter symbols can only be useful to a player that wins some coin on the spin; otherwise it will be of no use to the player.


Scatter symbols also can give a player a bonus game feature which is different from the normal reel game provided in the slot machines. If you gain a bonus game through scatter symbols, the conventional reel will be stop momentarily for the player to play the bonus game. The bonus games are played free of charge. The bonus games can also gain the player quite a huge number of bonus money. The bonus game has superior graphics with its specific sounds and music.

Before a bonus game can be won and played, more than one scatter symbols have to show up on the screen.

Bonus coins scatter icon is another greater feature of scatter symbols. As the name suggests what a player wins with this feature is reel cash. The cash is just an extra amount to what the player has won on the paylines through the symbols. However, this feature does not give any bonus game. The multiplier feature is not also included here. But the advantage of this feature lies in the fact that you need only one scatter symbol in order to win it.