Chicken Strategy

Chicken strategy is a unique slot strategy in the sense that that its stipulations deviated from that of other slot strategies. Other slot strategies concentrate on the betting amount a player should wager and how a player should change his wager according to his win or loss.

Chicken strategy on the other hand advises players not maintain one slot machine for some time. In other words players should be changing their slot machines occasionally. One thing about chicken strategy is that it gives room for other strategies to be used simultaneously with it.

The name chicken strategy is derived from the nature of the strategy. As a chicken moves from place to place so do players move from one slot machine to another. This is why it is called chicken strategy.

How to apply it

Any player who wants to use this strategy has to do a little math. The person has to first determine the amount he wants to gamble with. When he has done that, the next thing is to divide the money equally according to the number of slot machines he wants to play on. He has to use the amount he got after division to gamble on each slot machine.

As we have earlier mentioned, chicken strategy does not forbid the use of other strategies during the game. The player can use any of the other strategies if he wishes.

If you are using chicken strategy, it is required that you keep note of the machines that you have used. If it is possible you can write them down as some players do in order not to confuse it with other machines that you have not used or in order not to use it two times.

Chicken strategy has nothing to do with your winning or losses. Whether you win many times in a machine you are expected to change to the other machine as soon as you completed the amount mapped out for games in that particular machine. In other words you must play only for that amount whether you are successful in the machine or not.

You will continue going from one slot machine to another until you complete the number of machines that you want to play on. You have two options to choose from when you have completed you game. You can stop the game and then part with your winning if you have any or go with empty handed if you did not win any.

Another option available for you is to make another budget and start another game if you want.