Play and Run Strategy

Play and run strategy as the name suggests is all about leaving a machine once you hit the machine unless it is giving you the desired result. There is no emotion in the application of this strategy. In the play and run strategy you are to use the minimum bet and continue with that pending when you will find a machine that best satisfy you.

There are some concepts used in play and run strategy which you must understand before you can apply the strategy gainfully. Naked pull is one of the basic concept of play and run strategy; it refers to a spin that gives nothing. It is left for a slot gambler to know the number of naked pull he will make before leaving a machine.

Another concept that you need to understand is loss limit. This is the extent of loss based on a certain percentage of your bankroll that you are ready to forfeit before you call it a quit in a machine. The aim of this strategy is to protect you against many losses. You are not expected to wager much money in a machine that does not give the required result.

The mechanism

Do you have a small bankroll? Then this strategy is meant for you. There is no need for you to be ashamed of low bankroll if you are using this strategy. The first step of the application of this strategy is the division of your bankroll into the number of independent machine that you want to play on. If you have $50 in your bankroll and you want to play in 10 machines, then you have to divide the bankroll into five - $5 for each machine.

Then determine your naked pull and then your loss limit. You have to bear one thing in mind and that is being conservative is the road to your success. Therefore, you have to be conservative as you play your game.

Owing to the fact that your bankroll is low, then you have to opt for machines that have low minimum too. In this strategy, you are not required to add even a dime in your betting amount even as you are winning. You have to stick to the wagering amount that you have decided on.

Using this strategy means that you have to spin for 20 times; and you will keep an eye on f your naked spin and loss limit. Leave the machine once you are through with the 20 spin. However, you can remain at the machine after the 20 spin but you have to play a new session.