Up the Steps Strategy

Many people subscribed to the idea that slot games are based on chance. This may seem to be true but it is not entirely a game of chance as some think. There are certain things you need to learn about slot machines before you can play slot games successfully. Some of the things you need to learn about slot machine are its mechanism and also some basic strategies of playing the game. It will be to your advantage if you can learn and apply these strategies used in slot games.

It is better to use them than to just play slot like that. This is because these methods of playing slot have been experimented upon by experts and their practicability has been proved. Their application will help you to increase your chances of winning.

Some Basic Slot Strategies

Up the Steps is one of the most favourite slot strategies that have been used by professionals over the years. Up the steps is predicated on logical approach. In up the step strategy you are expected to start slot game with minimum bet. You have to continue with that depending when you win your first prize. At this point, you need to step up to the next betting amount in the slot machine you are playing.

Let us demonstrate the above illustration. If the minimum bet is $1, you have to start your slot game with that minimum amount. Continue with $1 until you hit your first prize. This is the time you have to change your betting amount. Move up to the next betting amount in this case $2. You will be stepping up as you are winning. If you lose the $2 then you have to move back to the initial betting amount which is $1.

The essence of this strategy is to prevent you from betting unwisely. The ratio of your win and loss depends entirely on the amount you are betting with. Consequently, the best option for you is to prolong your staying time as well as your bankroll.

Patterns strategy is the next in popularity. As the name suggest, the pattern strategy implies that you have to play your game according the pattern you have decided on before starting the game. So the strategy is aggressive in nature than up the steps method.

Example of the predetermined pattern is 2-2-2-4-4-4-5-5-5-2-2-2. When you have completed the pattern you have decide on before starting the game, you need to start the pattern again if you have some profit left with you.

However, you need to change to a better machine when you lose up to three successive patterns. You can use a piece of paper to keep record of your prizes and losses