Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are virtually present in all slot machines in any part of the world. This implies that no matter where you play slot, the slot machine should have a wild symbol. Online slot machines have wild symbols also. Your chance of getting slot machines with wild symbol is 99.9%.


A feature of wild symbols is their capacity to substitute for any symbol that will make up for a win. for example if a fruit machine requires 3 bananas line up to pay 5x, a player who gets 2 bananas and a cherry which is a wild symbol for fruit machine will be paid 5x.

The above is also applicable to Video slot. A player who gets 4 fire hoses and then a wild symbol wins a higher amount being paid when 5 fire hoses are hit by a player - 20x.

Incredibly a wild symbol has ability to substitute for the symbols that pays the highest amount. You can be paid 5x your wager on a 5 reel king-themed slot through the internet, if you get a wild number to complete the 3 crowns required for such wining. In other words 2 crowns with 2 royal sceptres and then a wild number can win such prize.

Wild symbols can also give multiple payouts. Normally the prizes paid by most slot machines are minimal but a winning combination of symbols with wild symbols can increase the payout.

It will be to your advantage to play slot in slot machine that has wild symbol whether in the live casino or in the online slot casino. The pay tables of Video slot are the best with regard to wild symbols. The first thing that you have to do is to verify what is on the pay table. This will help you to be sure that your pay is doubled when a wild symbols appears to make up for your winning combination of symbols.