Pattern Style Strategy

Umbrella strategy is prevalent in online slot games. One thing about this strategy is that it can be used by any gambler no matter the level or the orientation of the player. It does not matter how the player wagers his bet. Both aggressive and conservative player can apply this strategy comfortably and gainfully. The application of this strategy has nothing to do with the player's bankroll.

If you want to use umbrella strategy also known as pattern style strategy, you have to keep to the pattern and do not alter it. According to the pattern you need to increase your bet and then decrease it again. In other words your wager has to be up to the maximum at a stage and then you lower it at another stage.

Umbrella strategy is founded on the principle of slot casino where a player is expected to increase the number of coin he wagers on gradually and also gradually reduces it. The pattern of bet is not the same in length and amount. However, the style of the pattern is constant.

There are some factors that affect a player wagering pattern. The factors are the bankroll of the player, the amount the player is willing to gamble with and then how aggressive or conservative the player is when placing bet.

The application

If you are using the umbrella strategy it is necessary that you complete the betting pattern before you start again. In order to apply the umbrella strategy you have to start as low as possible. Then you need to increase your bet. After increasing for sometime then you have to decrease it again. This betting pattern is not what you should rush. It has to be continued for a prolong time. The maximum bet should be allowed for some time before it is decreased again.

One advantage of this pattern is that is does not give room for loss of huge amount of money. This is because the betting pattern puts limitation on amount a player has to wager on by limiting the number of spin a player will play.

A player may decide to be more conservative in applying this betting pattern especially in online casino. In other words, the player should wager more on spin of lower coin before moving to the maximum bet.

However, if you so wish, you can do the reverse - that is concentrating on the maximum bet amount but for limited number of spins. However, it is not advisable for you to adhere to that for a very long time. This will mar the aim of the strategy.

Do not forget to stop playing you lose to the limit.